Open workshop

CK is a Program Director of an annual open workshop “Strategic Persuasion and Negotiation Skills” conducted by NSRCEL at IIMB as a part of Business Development Skills for Entrepreneurs .

In association with Genesis Events, New Delhi, CK conducts public workshops on “PERSUADE without POWER” – or how to influence without authority.

Next workshop is scheduled for August 2009

Programs Offered


  • Strategic Persuasion and Influencing Skills
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Assertiveness @ Work
  • Communicate to Connect
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    Programs at IIM Bangalore

    CK is a member of the Guest Faculty at IIMB since 2003 and has been involved with several prestigious programs receiving consistently excellent ratings.

  • IBM Global Solutions Ltd – Value Selling Workshop – Communicating Value
  • SUN Microsystems Ltd - SUN Catalyst Program – Strategic Influencing Skills
  • AREVA MAGELLAN Leadership Program – Communicating more effectively
  • SIEMENS Ltd - Program for Business Managers – Negotiation Skills
  • COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Ltd – Program for Senior Managers – Effective Negotiation Skills
  • MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA Farm Equipment Sector – GMLDP (General Management and Leadership Development Program) – Strategic Persuasion Skills
  • CSIR –Technology Led Entrepreneurship Program – Strategic Persuasion and Presentation Skills
  • MPWE – Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs - Making a Powerful Pitch
  • GMITE – General Management Program for IT Executives – Strategic Persuasion
  • APOLLO CLINIC – Program for Business Managers and Franchisees - Customer Interaction
  • Speaking engagements

    Speaking engagements CK is a much sought after speaker. He honed his public speaking skills through the Junior Jaycees and Toastmasters. He has no illusions of changing the world with his fiery speeches but is passionate about speaking and uses humor, experience and anecdotes to convey the message. Here are some of his favourite topics delivered across the world.

    Stand up, Speak up and Shut up ! (45 to 90 minutes)) – the art of using humor in presentations.
    Also offered as a three hour workshop.

    In this delightful talk peppered with anecdotes, quips and quotes, CK shows how to use good, clean humor in speeches to involve the audience.

    Having sat through many insipid presentations, he offers the OWL technique of using humor to sparkle your speeches, business presentations and toasts. Initially, he offered as a module for Toastmasters but is now getting enquiries from corporates.

    INFLUENCE without AUTHORITY: (90 minutes)

    Inspired by Dr. Robert Cialdini’s seminal work on Influence, this talk provides a roadmap to persuade others without using force or authority. Citing industry case studies, CK makes a compelling case for ethical persuasion as opposed to manipulation. He provides an action plan for influencing peers, superiors and subordinates.

    Managerial Mindsets: ( 45 to 90 mins) This talk, based on the seminal work on “Five Minds of a Manager” by Henry Mintzberg gives a framework for today’s manager to cope with challenging situations

    Campus to Corporate ( How to be more employable)

    This talk addresses the need to bridge the gap between employers expectation and the freshers’ preparedness. Provides valuable tips for freshers. These talks have been very well received across various educational institutes in India.

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